D. Willey Photography | Newborn Sessions {FAQ's}

Newborn Sessions {FAQ’s}


“When should I contact you to book my newborn session?”

It's HIGHLY recommended you contact me during your pregnancy to start the booking process. Once you are on the calendar, you will be given priority after your baby arrives and we will be sure to schedule your session within 12 days postpartum. If your baby has already been born and is under 14 days old, I still encourage you to call and inquire about a session, as I do try to accommodate each newborn inquiry whenever possible.

“Do I need to bring my own props & accessories to our session?”

I can easily provide every prop and accessory for your session. Of course, if you have props and/or themes you'd like to incorporate, feel free to bring them along!

“Once our baby is born, what should we do?”

Once your newborn is here, have someone contact me immediately so that we can select a date for your session. To ensure the sleepy, intricate newborn poses, we advise scheduling a newborn session 6-8 days after delivery. Parents of breastfed babies should wait until mother’s milk comes in so that your little one will be sure to have full tummy after every feeding. Bottle-fed babies generally take more per feeding, so they may be photographed as early as 5 days old.

“How long will my newborn photography session take?”

Between soothing, feeding, precise posing, and prepping shots, my newborn photography sessions are anywhere from 2 hours long to 4 hours long as every baby is different and some babies may need more soothing and slower transitions than others. I love taking my time and perfecting every shot, and I'm careful to follow baby’s lead as we work through the session.

“How do I prepare for my newborn photography session?”

I've taken the time to put together an extensive set of guidelines and ways that you can help your newborn session go as smoothly as possible. You will receive this information just before your session.