Grandbabies, cousins, siblings and a lovely little girl!

August 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I received a call from a previous client, asking if I could provide a group session since her grandsons were visiting from out of town and she'd like to get all the grandbabies together for photos. Of course, I was thrilled to do so! The day we originally scheduled the session became rainy and muddy so we attempted to snap a few images in the studio. Now, anybody who has visited my studio is fully aware of the space's basically the ideal space to capture teeny tiny little newborns with enough room to spare for one (mama, sibling, etc). I had my reservations but I'm not one to shy away from a challenge!



We managed to capture a few images but with me being my own worst critic, I knew I wouldn't be happy until I'd made sure my client was happy. I asked if the whole group could meet up with me on a clearer day. Since the kiddos were going back to their mama soon, we had just one day available to capture additional images. Yikes! This fickle Colorado Weather! Luckily, we had a sunny and beautiful Friday afternoon in which to work with. I set up a little teepee, laid out a blanket and we got to work! 


Have you ever tried taking a photo of more than one person? Especially toddlers and small children? If so, then you most likely know what I'm talking about when I say it's nearly impossibly to capture every person in the photo, looking at the camera or not making a silly face! ;) Would you believe that a few of these images involved some mighty Photoshop Skills and Head Swaps? Hmmmm. Well, no worries because I'm a professional and have been trained to achieve the optimal outcome for each session. 


Despite my work being cut out for me and these little guys (and their lovely cousin, Annabelle) wanting to do nothing more than chase bugs, eat leaves and play in the grass....I'm happy to say we captured some lovely images and had fun in the process! Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy my job?!




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